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The Indie game Relapse the Neverland is a 2D narrative driven adventure horror game by solo developer Cristyn J.

Witness an unfolding path of choices that unravel the lives of the orphans and of a very unlucky girl.



Dynamic Choices

Your choices matter, be careful for what you wish for. Events will play like cogwheels rotating in a  clock tower. Even indecision is considered a choice here.


You will have a limited amount of ingame hours to successfully solve who wrote the letter and why?


Playing the correct songs on the lute will allow you to perform certain core mechanics in the game,  such as temporarily slowing down time. One other notable mechanic is allowing you to return to your first hour. Allowing the YOU  to create new solutions for puzzles or change outcomes. Every piece can and will shift accordingly!


Solve complex puzzles with unique game mechanics such as "Relapsing" and using tools such as the Lute. There are multiple ways to solve a puzzle.