Weekly Update - 7.28.2019

Meet Dizzy and Rosko

Dizzy, accompanied by his dog Rosko, will be your way of crafting items such as bandages, slingshot ammo and lantern oil in the game. 

You may also find these items yourself within the orphanage, or at a later time in the game you may craft them yourself. Dizzy is also affected by the actions you make in Relapse the Neverland.

 You will also be enabled to "upgrade" your tools and survivability in the game by obtaining perks at the cost of materials.  

Monster Types

           The monsters in Relapse the Neverland are called "Nightmares". As the game progresses, the nightmares grow more disturbing.

Other Enemy Types

        You will also face humanoid enemies in the game, though they are rare and depend on a variable of factors.

Creating a Suitable UI

        If you played the prototype, you may have noticed that I have updated   

the UI quite a bit.  Changes are still in the work and nothing is final.